Pair to Fox's 'Pitts'


The animated "Pitts" will sound a lot like their live-action counterparts as Dylan Baker and Lizzy Caplan, who starred in Fox's short-lived family comedy series, have signed on reprise their roles on the network's new cartoon version.

"The Pitts," from 20th Century Fox TV, Mike Scully and Julie Thacker-Scully, chronicles the adventures of the unluckiest family in the world. Four years after the original live-action series aired on Fox for four weeks, the network ordered two scripts of an animated version of the show.

Baker and Caplan will reprise their roles as Bob Pitt, the dad, and Faith Pitt, the daughter.

Additionally, Andy Milonakis has been cast as Petey, the son.

The trio will take part in a table read. If that goes well, "Pitts" will be ordered straight to series.