Pakistani filmmaker abducted

Satish Anand runs Eveready Pictures

KARACHI, Pakistan -- Satish Anand, prominent Pakistani filmmaker and distributor, has been kidnapped in Pakistan's biggest city of Karachi, a top police official said Tuesday.

Anand, 57, a member of Muslim-majority Pakistan's small Hindu community, runs a production house called Eveready Pictures, and is a relative of famous Indian actress Juhi Chawla, according to friends and associates in the film business.

City police chief Waseem Ahmed said Anand was abducted Monday on his way to his home in Karachi's posh Clifton neighborhood.

"We are investigating from various angles. There has been no call for ransom or any other demands," Ahmed said.

Crime, including kidnapping, has long been a problem in Karachi, Pakistan's commercial capital.

Anand's driver told police two men stopped their car and one of them gave him an injection and he lost consciousness. The driver said when he awoke, Anand was missing, police said.

Anand is a well-known figure in Pakistan's show business world and recently distributed the hit Indian film "Race," according to an official in the Karachi film industry who declined to be identified.