Pakula/King Marks Its 20th Anniversary

Pakula King Agency - P 2014
Courtesy of Pakula/King Agency

Pakula King Agency - P 2014

The boutique agency’s clients include Barbara Hershey and ‘Dallas’ star Patrick Duffy

Pakula/King & Associates is celebrating two decades in the business.

The talent agency was founded in October 1994 by Abrams reps Joel King and Nina Pakula. The two moved into an office on Sunset Boulevard, just one floor below Pakula/King’s present-day quarters. Pakula retired in 2004, moving to central California, but “I talk to her all the time,” says King, who considers her a mentor. “We never changed the name of the company when she retired, because she was a big part of us building our reputation.”

King now works alongside agents Gabe Watkins, who joined from William Morris in 2008, and Ben Gorman, who came over from Gersh about three and a half years ago. The trio signs and represents each of Pakula/King’s clients as a team. “That avoids a situation where you have people working on their own behalf and not for the benefit of the group,” King tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Every client talks to all three agents.”

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Pakula/King’s roster of approximately 110 film and television actors includes Barbara Hershey as well as Patrick Duffy (Dallas), Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files, Dallas), Jewel Staite (Firefly, The Killing) and Sarah-Jane Potts (Gracepoint).

“Our mission from day one has been to sign talent that we truly believe in, and to keep that list concise so we can focus on moving their careers forward,” says King. “Many of my clients I’ve had for the entire run of the agency. It’s exciting to have the existing clients continue to progress in the business, and at the same time have new talent that brings excitement and energy to the company. You have to be solid and evolving all at the same time.”