Pamela Anderson: 'Malibu Might Be My Mayberry' (Guest Column)

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Writing for THR, the actress reflects on her first house there and explains why she still calls it home.

This story first appeared in the June 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

I am prone to Malibu. Coming from Vancouver Island to Hollywood hastily, I was drawn to the water for my sanity. (Not sure if it worked.) My first introduction was to a two-part beach house owned by Jon Peters in the Colony. It felt like a starlet's wet dream. I could picture myself there forever. But truth be told, while on Baywatch, I lived humbly on Point Dume (surfers' paradise). Then fate like a lightning rod led me astray, and I ended up in a rock star's mansion on Kanan Road, where my beautiful boys [Brandon Thomas and Dylan Jagger, now 18 and 16] were born in the bathtub. We were harassed continuously by mad paparazzi till we fought and the laws were changed.

We leased in the Colony on the beach for five years till we found a strange woman in our guest room sawing through her wrist with sea glass while stuffed into one of my Baywatch bathing suits. We quickly bought on the super-secure "land side" -- and have been under construction ever since.

That's Malibu: very exciting but difficult, almost impossible to build between a lagoon and an ocean, lots of rules, but good for our sacred coastline. The Glass Jewel (my guest house) is being built slowly and surely. It's worth the view: We can check First Point from the roof deck.

Our family is now living between the beach and Vegas. I'm developing the show Pamela with David LaChapelle and Robin Antin, creator of the Pussycat Dolls. Luckily, our family loves both places. My boys are big surfers but also golfers; my oldest son deejays, and my husband [film producer Rick Salomon] is a wild gambler; his girls are music lovers and love to shop at MAC, where I still get 100 percent off (thanks to my Viva Glam campaign). We all love being together, the modern Brady Bunch. It's challenging, a juggle, but it works.

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I promised I would never sell my little trailer, one of my saving graces, in Paradise Cove. It's their youth, their best friendships, very Stand by Me. The real Malibu, firemen and lifeguards and their families -- a secret spot, not goofy or spoiled. A great place to raise kids -- and surf!

Malibu might be my uninhibited, free-spirited Mayberry. It's a very generous community; our blessed, talented and hardworking neighbors use their good fortune to help others in the world, past the organic gardens and geo-fencing. Forward-thinking environmentalists and vegan animal lovers are abundant, though I think envied and therefore judged. But I know a concerned group dwells here, writing songs in their basements and building schools in Haiti. There is an undeniable energy. The ocean (within a lot of recovery) has drawn us all together -- if only to get the "white gold" secret smoothie at SunLife Organics, my favorite. See you there.

Anderson launched The Pamela Anderson Foundation at the Cannes Film Festival and begins shooting Werner Herzog's Vernon God Little in September.