Pamela Anderson, 'The Simpsons' Co-Creator Offer Canadian Sealers $1 Million to End Hunt

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In response, the former "Baywatch" star and PETA activist was confronted by a TV satirist who offered her cash to "stop acting."

TORONTO – Canadian actress Pamela Anderson and The Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon offered a $1 million check on Tuesday to the Canadian Sealers Association in Newfoundland to call off their annual seal hunt.

Anderson, a long-time PETA activist, slipped an oversized check under the door of the hunters' association. But attempts by the actress and Simon to complete an impromptu media conference were immediately met with protests from local sealers and members of the Fish, Food and Allied Workers union.

"Please leave us alone -- take your insane group, and go away," said Jim Winter, a seal hunt supporter, to Simon and Anderson before asking them to return to the U.S. to end seal hunting in Alaska.

Simon, who has pledged to give away his wealth amid an advanced cancer fight, defended his offer of a $1 million bonus to Canadian sealers to end their annual hunt as more than a publicity stunt. "This a realistic attempt to end a horror show that shouldn't be taking place in the 21st century," Simon told hecklers before urging an end to the seal trade.

"We're here with an incentive to help workers and spare animals," he added as he read out a prepared statement. "That's why I'm appealing to you ... to break the ice and prompt a buyout like those that helped asbestos miners, tobacco farmers and workers in other collapsed industries."

Anderson, who told the assembled media that the seal hunt was "barbaric," was met by Mark Critch, a Newfoundland comic and co-host of the CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes satirical comedy series, who offered the Hollywood celebrity a $1 million check "to stop acting."

"We've seen the horrible videos, Barberella and Stripperella. We've seen these videos. They cannot be unseen," Critch said as he attempted to recall Anderson's movie credits, which include Barb Wire.