Pamela Anderson starts foie gras fight

Urges Montreal's Restaurant Globe to drop dish from menu

TORONTO -- When Pamela Anderson sat down to pen a thank you letter to Montreal's Restaurant Globe for hosting an impromptu pro-vegan press conference during the recent Just for Laughs comedy festival, she couldn't resist adding one last plea to the upscale eatery. (HR, July 15).

Drop the foie gras from your menu, and geese and the former "Baywatch" star will be grateful.

"Surely the irony was not lost on you that I was unveiling a pro-vegetarian ad at your restaurant," Anderson wrote in her letter, underlining the excesses of foie gras production.

"If Restaurant Globe stops serving foie gras and replaces the dish with a vegan alternative, I would be thrilled to help promote the change in menu," she added.

But Restaurant Globe owner Joao Pereira isn't playing ball with Anderson.

"We're not going to take foie gras off" the menu, Pereira told the Canadian Press newswire service Monday.

The Just For Laughs comedy festival initially rented the Globe in downtown Montreal to promote Anderson as she was about to host a gala stand-up showcase at the Canadian chuckles fest.

But the event quickly became a press conference to unveil Anderson's latest poster ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after the Montreal Film and TV Commission denied the animal-rights group a permit to stage a poster unveiling in Place Jacques-Cartier.