Pamela Anderson Talks Chasing Youth and Tackling Debts

Pamela Anderson Beach Portrait - P 2013
Bryan Adams

Pamela Anderson Beach Portrait - P 2013

The former "Baywatch" star is back in the Canadian news with a sexy photo shoot by Bryan Adams for Zoomer magazine –- yes, that Bryan Adams.

KARLOVY VARY -- She may be still looking hot.

But Pamela Anderson, who has just turned 46 years old, is done messing with nature.

The former Baywatch star told Canada’s Zoomer magazine during an upcoming sexy photo shoot with pop star turned photographer Bryan Adams that she’s stopped drinking from Hollywood’s fountain of youth.

“I don’t want to do that chasing youth thing. I think that’s just a no-win situation. It’s going to happen so embrace it. Embrace it and have a young spirit, I guess,” she said.

And while the Canadian blonde is famous for going under the knife, especially for breast ops, Anderson said she won’t follow a host of film and TV stars in Los Angeles left unrecognizable by botched surgery or dodgy implants.

“There’s a lot of alien-looking people in L.A. It’s like did they do too much surgery when they were young or did they do really good surgery and they’re really 80 looking 40? It’s kind of scary,” Anderson said.

She's also unapologetic about recent headlines, including doing the global reality show circuit to tackle her debts.

“I’m in over my head a lot. I take a lot of risks. I live beyond my means,” she admits.

The Malibu photo shoot, which hits the North American newsstands July 1, also had Anderson touting her many social causes, including animal protection as a long-time PETA supporter.

Her latest TV gig? The upcoming Canadian sitcom Package Deal, which had a sneak preview on City last week and where Anderson plays an off-beat therapist.

“It was fun to come home and work with really, really kind, nice, polite people,” she said of the Vancouver shoot.