Pan-European entertainment platform launched

Regal to handle production, distribution, theatrical releases

MADRID -- Venture capital fund CA Capital Markets announced Wednesday the launch of pan-European entertainment platform Regal Entertainment Corporation, with offices in New York, Barcelona and Munich.

Regal Entertainment Corporation, with €150 million ($224.5 million) in start-up capital, will focus on entertainment in three cultural regions in Europe: Spanish speaking territories with its headquarters in Barcelona, the German speaking territories with its regional headquarters in Munich and the overseeing English speaking territories through its corporate headquarters in New York.

According to CA founder Adi Cohen, "Regal's philosophy is aimed at controlling the financial process of film making from development and production to distribution and theatrical releases. Regal has achieved this by acquiring or in the process of acquiring production and distribution arms in its various territories and theater complexes, through which it will launch theatrical releases."

The announcement comes as Regal inks a deal to acquire 75% of Barcelona-based art house producer Zip Films. Earlier this year, Cohen's GC Financial Group closed a deal for 25% of Zip. Regal has also acquired Zip Vision, theatrical and home entertainment distributor of medium level films, present in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru. Regal said it is in advanced talks with a Spanish cinema circuit.

The company said it is also in advanced talks to acquire a publicly traded German distributor listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange.