Panavision, Loumasystems unveil Louma 2

New, open-architecture, camera movement system

Panavision Remote Systems and Loumasystems are introducing a new camera movement system built on an open-architecture platform, the Louma 2.

The system was previewed this past weekend at Cinegear 2009 in Hollywood.

The new system expands Louma's telescopic crane technology exponentially with the introduction of an open-architecture programmable software platform, ShotAssist, that enables cinematographers to plan intricate multi-axis shots, and execute them with less rehearsal and fewer takes. Master/slave coordination between any axis of the crane and remote head is now possible.

"Today's technologically and visually sophisticated audiences are pushing directors and cinematographers to be ever more creative in developing eye-arresting shots," Jean-Marie Lavalou, co-founder of Loumasystems, said. "We designed the Louma2 to meet those demands by creating an open-architecture system so flexible that virtually any shot imaginable is possible, and any technology innovation can be incorporated."