Panavision tool weighs in


Cinematographers have been asking for lightweight recording tools to make shooting with digital cameras less cumbersome. In response, Panavision will unveil today a new 5.6-pound solid state video recorder designed for use with its Genesis digital cinematography camera.

The company said the Panavision SSR-1 is designed to enable the Genesis to be used like a light film camera for hand-held shooting situations, Steadicam production or shots inside a car. With an SSR-1 attached, a Genesis camera system weighs about 21.5 pounds.

Said company president and CEO Bob Beitcher: "We selected tapeless, solid state technology over disk-based systems because the onboard storage is smaller, lighter and quieter than hard disks. It has no moving parts, and therefore it is less vulnerable to damage. And it consumes less power and generates less heat than hard disk-based systems."

The SSR-1 is designed to record 1080p 4:4:4 or 4:2:2 at formats including 23.98p, 25p and 29.97p fps, along with variable speeds from 1-50 fps. To offer flexibility in postproduction, the device was designed to record all video in uncompressed form.

The device is scheduled to ship by year's end.

Panavision also is set to introduce a new set of eight anamorphic lenses, including two Panavision zooms for wide-angle and telephoto shooting, as well as six new G series prime lenses. The company also will present a new compact zoom for its line of spherical lenses.

In related news, Panavision has rebranded all of its lighting businesses worldwide under the single name Panalux.

Panalux Europe, for example, now combines the capabilities of Panavision acquisition AFM and Panavision-owned Lee Lighting, as well as Panavision locations throughout Europe and South Africa. The names AFM and Lee Lighting will be retired.