'Panda' makes quiet China debut

DreamWorks film set for release Friday

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SHANGHAI -- DreamWorks Animation's "Kung Fu Panda" made its China debut Wednesday at a Shanghai International Film Festival invitation-only screening.

The standing-room-only screening began 30 minutes late and was attended mostly by people working for distributors Huaxia Film Distribution and the China Film Group, which oversees all of the nation's film imports and will co-distribute "Panda."

The event had been billed by festival organizers as a Chinese premiere open to the public and followed by a news conference, but plans changed at the last minute, and would-be moviegoers and reporters were left disappointed.

Guests able to get in said that they enjoyed the movie and thought it was representative of Chinese values.

The official premiere is scheduled for Friday, and the movie will open simultaneously throughout most of China's major cities.