Panel: Profile is king on net


Reps from Google and MySpace told a room of indie producers, studio buyers and sales reps Tuesday that the last word on quality and taste remains with content providers.

Google France Strategic Partnership Development Manager Stefan Lechere said: "We only perform well when you guys do well" at an afternoon session of the inaugural Berlinale Keynotes Tuesday.

And (U.K.) senior vp, marketing and content Jamie Kantrowitz pointed to the fact that despite the enormous explosion of content on the net, it is high profile properties such as "The O.C.," "X-Men 3" or Paris Hilton snippets that attract the highest traffic.

"The big things are still being manufactured by the pros," Kantrowitz told delegates.

Lechere also assured the room that it was not Google's intention to "judge" the quality of content but that his portal and YouTube channels. "We are not publishers and we don't want to acquire content," Lechere said. "We want our partners to judge the content as the arbiters of taste."

Kantrowitz said she thought the film industry at this point in time is further ahead of the music industry in knowing how to take advantage of the explosion in so called community internet sites.

The sheer enormity in the numbers using MySpace left some sections of the audience wide-eyed.

After Kantrowitz jogged through some numbers such as the fact that MySpace has 140 million users, 7.1 million bands, 50 million bloggers and 10 million videos uploaded all one attendee wanted to know was how to make some cash from such a big audience.

She said that while the site has commercial relationships with big name site builders such as 20th Century Fox which used it as part of the marketing campaign for "X-Men" it takes no cash or kickbacks from individual members.

Both Kantrowitz and Lechere said we are all living in a new age of videocracy.

The session formed part of a day long invitation only event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel and has been organized by the Berlinale and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Other speakers included Warren Lieberfarb and Artists Without a Label CEO Denzyl Feigelson.
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