Panel: Right crew can make or break film

Medavoy, Daldry, Coixet relate moviemaking experiences

BERLIN -- Who are the people in your neighborhood? Or in this case -- who are the people in your film? The theme of this year's Berlinale Talent Campus, "Cinema Needs Talent -- Looking for the Right People," was the focus of the opening forum at the HAU 1 theater. Matthijs Wouter Knol moderated the event, which featured producer Mike Medavoy and directors Isabel Coixet and Stephen Daldry relating their experiences on working with different individuals for their past projects.

"I try to surround myself with people who have had more experience than me," Daldry shared when asked about the relationships he has formed with his team, "and that has certainly worked for me." In films like "Billy Elliot" and "The Reader," he said the secret lied in having his writers participate during the entire production. "Writers are paramount," he said. "Keep them close."

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Medavoy, who produced "Shutter Island," said that it's all about making correct choices in choosing the right people for your film. "What is crucial is for you to have people who understand the puzzle and who can complete the puzzle for you," he said.

"The most important thing is to focus on what the camera is capturing regardless of the drama happening behind the scenes," Coixet said when asked what one should do when faced with the wrong people. "If you keep on sulking about your nasty crew or you keep thinking about your ego, nothing will happen for you."

James Gabrillo is from the Philippines and is a participant in Talent Press, a practical training program of the Berlinale Talent Campus.