Panic on Local L.A. News Station Following 7.1 Earthquake

Downtown Los Angeles Skyline 2 - Getty - H 2018
David McNew/Getty Images

"I think we need to get under the desk," KCAL 9 reporter Sara Donchey told her co-anchor Friday night.

The Dodgers may have played on through L.A.'s 7.1 tremblor Friday night, but anchors of L.A.'s local CBS 2 station stuck to the grammar-school edict of duck-and-cover during the tremor.

KCAL 9 anchor Juan Fernandez and reporter Sara Donchey were live during the quake, holding on to their anchor desks as the camera rocked. "We're making sure that nothing is going to come down in the studio here," Donchey said in video captured on Twitter. 

"It is going for quite a bit, everybody," Fernandez said as Donchey clutched his arm. 

"This is a rather strong quake," Donchey added. "8:21 on the air here, we're experiencing very strong shaking.... I think we need to get under the desk," she told Fernandez. 

The pair then took a commercial break while they ducked under the desk. 

After, Fernandez replied to one of the people who tweeted the video, "Thanks Alan. Whew!"