See Ernest Hemingway's Paradise in 'Papa: Hemingway in Cuba' Trailer

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba still 1 - H 2016
Courtesy of Bob Yari

The biopic was the first film shot in Cuba in over 50 years.

Ernest Hemingway was the great proselytizer of a good daiquiri and that small island off the coast of Florida.

"You look just like the Old Man and the Sea," shouts one particularly gung-ho tourist to the author in the first trailer for Papa: Hemingway in Cuba.

The Bob Yari-directed film centers on a Miami Globe journalist Denne Petitclerc, played by Giovanni Ribisi, an avid Hemingway fan who gets an invite from the author (Adrian Sparks) to go on a fishing trip. The film takes place in 1959, when Hemingway is on his fourth major and Fidel Castro's guerillas are beginning to take a foothold in the cities.

In the trailer, we see the literary giant at odds with the FBI, leftist rebels and his own drinking. 

Papa was the first feature film shot in Cuba in over 50 years, since the revolution. Even though Cuban-American relations have shown major improvements in 2016, production on the film was completed in 2014.  

Papa: Hemingway in Cuba hits theaters on April 29.

Watch the trailer below.