Paparazzo Light Accessory Adds Retro Flash to the iPhone

iPhone Flash Unit - H 2012

iPhone Flash Unit - H 2012

The new camera flash accessory for iPhone, Paparazzo Light, is being funded on Kickstarter and will start shipping in January 2013.

A new, retro-style iPhone accessory is channeling the old days of Hollywood photographers and their large flash attachments with the aptly named Paparazzo Light.

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Designed to make taking pictures with your iPhone even better, the clip-on accessory replaces the phone's built-in flash with a 300 lumen LED light. It attaches to the iPhone's dock connector providing a stand-alone shutter button and handle. Featuring a video mode and full spectrum of brightness adjustment, the light attachment won't drain battery either as it's powered by two CR 123 batteries.

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Those looking to ramp up their iPhone's camera abilities won't be able to get their hands on the Paparazzo Light until January; that is, if the Kickstarter campaign from which it's funded is successful. A Kickstarter pledge of $45 buys you either a black or white version, and a $55 pledge gets you a chrome version of the add-on.

There are 21 days left on the Paparazzo Light's Kickstarter page with $50,000 required for the project to get funded. The accessory supports iPhone 4 and 4S with a newer version that will work for the iPhone 5. Projected retail price of the light is $60 starting in January.