'Paper Mario' to Land on Nintendo Switch in July

Paper Mario - Publicity - H 2020

The Japanese company on Thursday unveiled the debut trailer for the game, set to feature puzzles and strategic battles centering around the familiar plumber's adventures.

Nintendo's role-playing Paper Mario series will land on the Switch console in July.

Paper Mario: The Origami King brings back the familiar plumber and his sidekick Luigi in the form of two-dimensional cut-out characters traversing a world of origami.

On Thursday, the Japanese company unveiled a two-and-half-minute trailer for the game, which is set to feature puzzles and strategic battles centering around Mario's adventures. As he faces obstacles in the Origami Kingdom and sets out to save Princess Peach from a castle bound in colored streamers, Mario will be equipped with new abilities such as the 1,000-Fold Arms, which stretches out the environment to reveal brand new locations. 

The game will also feature a ring-based battle system to line up enemies — all crafted from paper — and inflict the most damage. Among the side characters, Bowser will make his mark along with King Olly's jolly sister Olivia. 

First released in Japan in 2000, the Paper Mario series was developed for the Nintendo 64 console and follows Super Mario RPG, the first role-playing Mario game. 

Paper Mario: The Origami King, the sixth installment in the series, arrives on the Switch on July 17.

View the trailer below.