'Paper Towns': Ansel Elgort Advises Nat Wolff on How to Treat Devout John Green Fans

Greg Allen/Invision/AP
Ansel Elgort

The leading man of 'The Fault of Our Stars' shared some wisdom on handling the expectations of starring in the anticipated adaptation.

As trailers and clips for the anticipated adaptation of John Green's Paper Towns continue to be released, all eyes of its devout fans are fixated on its stars, Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne.

Ansel Elgort, the male lead of the wildly successful 2014 adaptation of Green's The Fault in Our Stars, has some advice for Wolff, who was also featured in the Fox 2000 film. The Paper Towns news came after Fault's success, largely driven by the book's fan base.

"We all did it together," Elgort told The Hollywood Reporter, at Wednesday's opening of Finding Neverland on Broadway, of last year's expansive press tour for the romantic drama. "My thing with fans is, it's always about being really good to them, and taking the time to take every picture. If there are 300 people, you should take 300 pictures — you shouldn't take 250 because then 50 people will go home sad. Why would you do that?

"That's my thing — try to be really good to the fans," he continued. "I talk to them and I know they get really disappointed when their favorite people don't take the time for them. So, take the time for them."

Jake Schreier's Paper Towns casts Wolff as Quentin, a teen who has had a crush on his neighbor Margo since they were little kids. The two grew apart, but when Margo, the queen of cool at his high school, recruits him for some acts of rebellion and revenge, he finds himself getting close to her again — only to lose her when she suddenly disappears.

Though Elgort has yet to see any kind of rough cut of Paper Towns, he said, "I'm excited!" with a smile. And as for Wolff's two other films set to play in the Tribeca Film Festival, which was simultaneously kicking off uptown at the Beacon Theater, he said he'd love to go and see those too, "if he invites me!"

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