Par rollout 'Monster'-ous


The final tally is in: Paramount has lined up 4,104 playdates for DreamWorks Animation's "Monsters vs. Aliens," which bows today in 2-D and 3-D presentations.

The PG pic's theatrical run will feature slightly more than 2,000 screens in which the animated feature will be offered in one of three 3-D formats. Imax will present "Monsters" in 143 of its giant-screen auditoriums, Dolby will service about 150 digital 3-D venues, and RealD will handle the balance.

RealD will double-screen "Monsters" at many venues, servicing about 1,700 screens in 1,300 theaters. Boasting a voice cast including Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen and Kiefer Sutherland, "Monsters" will play on about 7,000 domestic screens in total.

Paramount's release of the film has been closely watched for the number of 3-D engagements the distributor might be able to line up, as the industry's rollout of 3-D projectors has gone slower than expected since the project was announced.

"A year ago, we thought there would be more 3-D screens," DWA marketing chief Anne Globe said. "But given the state of the economy, we're thrilled with what exhibition has accomplished to date, and 'Monsters vs. Aliens' will have the widest release ever for a 3-D picture."

Two other pics unspool in wide release today: Lionsgate's supernatural thriller "The Haunting in Connecticut" and Fox's cop thriller "12 Rounds." (partialdiff)