Paradigm's Trevor Astbury Joining CAA

Astbury reps such writers as Jon Spaihts and Bill Dubuque.

Trevor Astbury is joining CAA from Paradigm.

The move continues the ping-pong derby between the companies and follows last week’s move by Ida Ziniti, who left Paradigm for CAA. Ziniti is still under contract with Paradigm until June.

Astbury’s situation was also complicated due to his existing contract. Sources say Astbury may have had upward of 12 or even 18 months left, but that a settlement was reached Tuesday. Agency sources now say that Astbury could begin at CAA as early as Thursday.

STORY: Adam Kanter, Martin Spencer Join Paradigm

Astbury, who worked at Paradigm for 12 years, will bring with him heavyweight writers including Bill Dubuque, who wrote The Judge and The Brotherhood for Warners, and Jon Spaihts (Prometheus, Universal’s reboot of The Mummy). Other clients, such as Patrick Lussier, will net out in the coming weeks.

In between Ziniti's and Astbury’s hops, Paradigm welcomed Martin Spencer and Adam Kanter, who were veteran CAA agents who made a yearlong stop at Resolution. Among other CAA expats at the agency are Ken Stovitz and Bob Bookman.