Paradise FX Europe launches 3D outfit

Europe's first one-stop shop for 3D production

LONDON -- Paradise FX, Post Republic and Vertigo Films are uniting to form Paradise FX Europe proudly boasting to be Europe's first one-stop shop for 3D production.

The trio of companies, already established in 3D moviemaking and effects, aim to deliver 3D pictures, television and advertisements to feed the growing public appetite for the extra dimension.

The startup will offer filmmakers a proven end-to-end 3D digital workflow from conception through to post-production.

U.S.-based Paradise FX's previous credits included Joe Dante's "The Hole" and the company is working on "Jackass 3D" for Paramount.

Paradise FX and U.K. production label Veritigo Films have also completed filming on what claims to be Europe's first live-action 3D feature film "StreetDance 3D," leading to Paradise setting up an European arm.

Vertigo's James Richardson said: "As a producer, I wanted to make sure my production was being very carefully looked after in terms of the 3D financially and creatively. PFXE will give producers, directors and DOP's not only enormous creative freedom but also a secure, dependable environment."

Paradise's Tim Thomas added: "3D has rapidly been embraced by Hollywood's top filmmakers and we look forward to helping to bring European filmmakers the same opportunity to include stereographic 3D as a powerful tool to enhance the telling of their stories."

German-based Post Republic's Michael Reuter continues "3D filmmaking is introducing a whole lot of new technologies to us as a postproduction company. To extend this collaboration into a set up that may well be the strongest platform for 3D filmmaking in Europe is a fantastic opportunity".

PFXE will be fully operational in January 2010 with offices in Cologne and Berlin, Germany and London, U.K. The company has begun lining up projects for 2010 and already has two 3D feature films in its schedule.
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