'Paradise' Trailer: Julianne Hough Gets Life Advice from Russell Brand (Video)

Hough and Brand star alongside Octavia Spencer and Nick Offerman in "Juno" writer Diablo Cody's directorial debut.

The new trailer for Diablo Cody's Paradise promises the Juno writer's signature snark.  

The Academy Award-winning screenwriter makes her directorial debut in the loss-of-innocence comedy, which stars Julianne Hough and Russell Brand.

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Paradise, formerly titled Lamb of God, follows Lamb (Hough), a devout Christian who after being "barbecued in jet fuel" seeks out some of life's earthly pleasures in that bastion of sin know as Las Vegas. With the help of Vegas resident Octavia Spencer and a casino bartender, played by Brand, Lamb goes wild -- well, her definition of wild.    

Paradise, which also stars Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter, has a limited theatrical release on Oct. 18 but will debut on DirectTV on Aug. 8.