Paramore Releases 'Monster' Single From 'Transformers' Soundtrack

The single is set to hit iTunes on Tuesday, June 7.

NEW YORK -- Tennessee alt-rockers Paramore premiered "Monster," their first single as a trio since the departure of Zac and Josh Farro late last year, on their website Friday.

The track, set to hit iTunes June 7, is the first single off the Transformers: Dark of the Moon soundtrack.

Listen below:

With dissonant, eerie guitar strumming setting the mood, singer Hayley Williams croons seductively before guitars come bursting through the door with a metalic crunch. From then on Williams lets loose, belting "I'll stop the whole world / From turning into a monster," and "Now that you're gone, the world is ours."

"Monster" is pretty straightforward -- grunge soft-loud dynamics, half-time drumming during the bridge then double-time drumming for the final chorus, big guitars, big vocals -- and in a way, it's hard not to picture Shia LaBeouf running through an apocalyptic city-scape, giant robots hot on his tail.

"Monster" hits iTunes on Tuesday, while the full Transformerssoundtrack drops June 14 and the Michael Bay summer blockbuster follows on June 29.