Paramount Announces 'Anchorman 2' Superticket

The studio expands upon its "World War Z" special offer to allow moviegoers across the U.S. the chance to see the film early.

Paramount is expanding upon the "megaticket" program it rolled out for summer hit World War Z by announcing that it will make a "superticket" for Anchorman 2 available nationwide.

The superticket, which goes on sale Nov. 26, will give fans a chance to see the film two days before its U.S. release date of Dec. 20. The studio has partnered with AMC Theatres and Fandango for the offering. Fans can register at to get additional details.

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The World War Z megaticket cost $50 and was available in five U.S. cities, allowing purchasers to see the film two days prior to its official release and receive an HD digital copy of the film when it becomes available. The package also included a small popcorn, a pair of custom RealD 3D glasses and a movie poster.

For that program, Paramount partnered with Regal Entertainment Group.

It's unclear how much the Anchorman superticket will cost or what will be included in the package.