Paramount Inks Digital Deal With Ben Stiller's Red Hour

Company's new digital arm will develop webisodes and social-media games as part of two-year, first-look agreement.

Paramount Digital Entertainment on Wednesday announced a two-year, first-look deal with Ben Stiller's Red Hour Films, whose new digital arm will develop original live-action and animated webisodes and social-media games.

"With Ben Stiller at the helm, Red Hour is a proven draw for audiences on any platform," Paramount digital entertainment president Tom Lesinski said. "Ben is digitally savvy, with several successful online projects and a fan base of millions of followers."

Stiller called the Internet "a magical gateway to make all our dreams come true."

He added: "Red Hour is also developing a new flying jet pack and a teleportation system to travel through time. But for now, we are concentrating on making funny videos to watch while people are pretending to work."

Initial projects include an animated Zoolander webisode and a related social-media game. Red Hour also will develop a Stiller web skit about Billy Glimmer, "the most successful singing impressionist-comedian in Las Vegas."

Red Hour's digital partnership with Paramount will be led by its digital-content director, Mike Rosenstein.