Paramount teams with for movies


Users of the popular young adult-centric virtual world will soon be able to quote from their favorite movies -- using actual clips from those movies., which is owned by Makena Technologies, has embarked on an innovative partnership with Paramount Digital Entertainment to license short clips from thousands of movies and TV shows. Via the social networking application VooZoo (which is already popular on Facebook), those who've created avatars will be able to display quick snippets of movies like "Clueless" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" as part of their conversations with other members of the world -- much like those popular smiley-face emoticons common to instant messaging.

Initially, those clips will be available for users to purchase for $1 each, said officials. By second quarter, Paramount said it plans to extend this program to MTV's various virtual worlds. And down the road, its possible that the studio might offers trailers and clips from new releases free to avatar users for short periods of time.

But for the most part, Paramount is providing a range of clips from its extensive library of movies and shows -- including classic movies like "Footloose" to recent episodes of "South Park" -- with hopes of driving DVD sales. users will be able to purchase movies and shows while visiting the site directly through the featured clips.

For, the clips will serve to cement the world's relationship with its socially active 20-something user base, said Ben Richardson, Makena's vp of business development. "Socializing is the number one thing people do in our world," he said. " We think there is a very viral effect that's going to happen instantly once people see them being used ... our users use pop culture as a form of brand identity."