'Paranoia' Premiere: Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford Talk Technology and Privacy

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Liam Hemsworth in 'Paranoia'

Miley Cyrus also attended to support of her fiance, who plays a go-getter hoping to climb the corporate ladder in the tech industry.

At the Los Angeles premiere for Paranoia, the arrivals of the all-star cast and crew, of which Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford are a part, may have been upstaged by a brief, but loud, appearance by Miley Cyrus, the former's speculated fiancée. 

The pop star arrived at the Directors Guild of America Theater alongside the Paranoia leading man and stopped for photos on the outdoor red carpet as a gated area of fans screamed in admiration and shock in the background before she bolted inside to escape the flashing lights. It was not her night, of course, and considering the speculation surrounding her rocky relationship with Hemsworth, Cyrus' privacy is certainly at a premium.

In fact, privacy became the recurring theme of the night as every actor, director and producer who walked the carpet promoting the thriller praised the benefits of privacy in light of the recent Edward Snowden-NSA scandal.

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Hemsworth said of his social media filters, "I'm absolutely scared of oversharing. I don't post anything personal. I keep my personal life to myself. It scares the hell out of me."

His co-star Amber Heard claimed that the one thing that makes her the most paranoid in this world is "not having my own life be mine."

"These are things that are very relevant to us now and to our political conversations," Heard commented on the film's subject matter. "It raises questions about economic class and status, and it raises discussion about what we're willing to forfeit to get ahead."

The Robert Luketic-directed film follows a young go-getter (Hemsworth) as he attempts to climb the corporate ladder in the tech industry, but eventually finds himself in the middle of a corrupt, sneaky tech war between two rival billionaires where no stone is left unturned and no action is left unseen or unheard.

"I loved how relevant it was," Luketic told THR. "I truly felt it was connected to the concerns we were feeling as a generation, a society and a country. We're now finding out that our governments are recording and detailing all our laundry. I wonder who owns all this information. It's fascinating!"

Luketic told The Hollywood Reporter that he had just finished the director's cut and was "kicking up [his] heels" when the news of Snowden's leaks sprung about, a modern example of privacy being threatened that conveniently gained public traction just a month before his film's release.

Screen legends Ford, who plays a manipulative billionaire in the mold of Steve Jobs, and Richard Dreyfuss, who plays Hemsworth's ailing Brooklynite father, were also in attendance. They certainly sang a happier tune than their younger, concerned castmates.

The often reserved Ford satisfied the media's inquiries about his taking the role, saying, "I wanted to work with ambitious people. And it was a character I hadn't played before. So I was delighted to be involved."

Dreyfuss smiled simply, "I just like playing nice guys."

Paranoia will be released on Aug. 16.