'Paranormal Activity 3': What the Moviegoers Are Saying


"I assure you after watching Paranormal Activity 3, you will never leave your little ones in the bedroom," a moviegoer warned parents after seeing the film.

Paranormal Activity 3 is on track to make a staggering $50 million in the domestic box office after making an estimated $26.2 million on Friday. The low-budgeted thriller had critics giving credit to the money-making franchise.

The Hollywood Reporter's Frank Scheck wrote in his review of the threequel, "Although not exactly breaking any new ground with its by now all too familiar found-footage format, Paranormal Activity 3 hews to the formula in expertly crafted fashion, mustering up the requisite scares and then some."

He added, "With no Saw sequel to provide competition this year, this should be the trick-or-treaters’ movie choice in October."

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Moviegoers seemed to agree with Scheck's takeaway, with many of them commenting on the realistic horror thrills.

Actress Kay Panabaker confessed that the third film in the franchise wasn't her favorite: "not crazy about the story, but still got scared out of my pants."

"I wish paranormal activity 3 wouldve shown the scenes in the movie thats on the preview," wrote one movie watcher. Another admitted that the film was a fright, "So I saw paranormal activity 3 and it was scary -.-."

"So I saw Paranormal Activity 3 last night with my friend Hind and I learned one thing... Don't call Toby fat. ;-)," wrote another filmgoer.

After seeing Paranormal Activity 3, Kat De Castro warned, "Dear parents... I assure you after watching Paranormal Activity 3, you will never leave your little ones in the bedroom... Alone." Tyler Carter had a similar sentiment, "Paranormal Activity 3 was insanely spooky. I can't even sleep me and my cats won't leave me alone they are making me paranoid."

"Paranormal Activity 3 makes me want to look into getting ghost insurance," wrote Pauly Casillas, while Zach Myers joked (sort of), "Bet the power company is stoked this month.....sleeping w/ all the lights on."

"Don't forget when you get back to your dark house that the Paranormal Activity 3 shadow chick is probably there," warned Alec Sulkin. Another moviegoer didn't think the movie was "scary."