'Paranormal' star signs with Innovative

Micah Sloat keeping options open after boxoffice success

The effects of "Paranormal Activity" continue to ripple outward.

Micah Sloat, who plays the video-savvy male half of the movie's tormented couple, has signed with Innovative Artists for agency representation. His co-star, Katie Featherston, recently signed with APA. Sloat also is managed by Elevate Entertainment.

Moving into Halloween weekend, "Paranormal" has collected a demonic $66.6 million at the domestic boxoffice before its international rollout. Media attention for the previously unknown actors has been nonstop.

"It's been intense," Sloat said. "It's incredible seeing how the whole machine works."

Sloat, whose first name is pronounced "MEE-ka," is from Westport, Conn., and graduated from Skidmore College. He moved to Los Angeles in 2005 and was studying acting and attending Musicians Institute in Hollywood (he plays rock and blues guitar) when audition advertisements for "Paranormal" grabbed him in spring 2006.

"The casting notice for this film was really exceptional; it was really unique," Sloat said. The notice asked for unknowns with no headshots who could improvise and work all night without knowing what was going to happen.

"It was the kind of thing no SAG franchise agent would put their client up for," he added with a laugh.

Well, they might now.

As the horror film has bulldozed the boxoffice, Sloat and Featherston have appeared on NBC's "Today," done hours of radio interviews and filmed a sketch for NBC's "The Jay Leno Show."

"It's hard to get my mind around what's going on," Sloat said. "I'm just kind of rolling with it. To go from basically being lucky if I get an audition to doing all the stuff that I'm doing now, and being able to get in the room and meeting casting directors and all the people in town.

"I really have no words for what's been going on," he added. "Hopefully, once I digest everything, I'll reflect and get some perspective. But right now, I just feel like I'm in 'The Twilight Zone' or something."

Sloat is keeping his options open and riding the surprise success of "Paranormal" with as much optimism as possible.

"I don't have any preconceptions about what kind of projects I want to do next or who I want to be in the industry," he said. "I really feel like I can do anything and be anything at this point. What I keep hearing from all the industry people that I'm hanging out with is, 'What's going on now does not happen.' And I'm like: 'Really? It's happening to me!' "