Paris Attack: Charlie Hebdo Coverage Boosts French News Network Ratings

AP Images
The scene outside Charlie Hebdo

Wall-to-wall coverage took CanalPlus' iTele channel to an historical high

The terrorist attack in France boosted ratings for struggling news networks BFMTV and iTele, which aired wall-to-wall coverage all day Wednesday.

BFMTV held an eight percent share, up from its usual two percent, throughout the day. It peaked at more than 2 million viewers just before 7 p.m. It marked the second-best day for the network since March 21, 2012, around the time of a series of terrorist attacks carried out in Toulouse, when it had an 8.7 percent share. Twenty million viewers watched the channel throughout the day.

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CanalPlus group's iTele had a huge boost from its usual 0.9 percent share, jumping to a 3.8 percent, an historical high for the channel. It peaked at 905,000 viewers in the 7 pm hour. Its previous record was a 3.6 share, also on March 21, 2012.

In a last-minute move, channel Arte added Belgian director Olivier Malvoisin's 2012 documentary No Laughing Matter (Fini de Rire), about cartoonists around the world following the 2005 publication of Mohammed drawings in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, to its schedule. The film received a 2.6 percent share, or 688,888 viewers, with the special broadcast.

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Channel 6ter, which had previously scheduled an episode of The Good Wife that addresses an attack on a satirical newspaper after publishing a cartoon of Muhammed, went ahead with airing the episode. It was viewed by 81,000 people, for a 0.3 percent share.