Paris Attack: Charlie Hebdo Subscriptions Double

Stephane Charbonnier Hebdo Cover - H 2015
Associated Press

Arnold Schwarzenegger is among those signed up and tweeted followers "You should too"

A surge in subscriptions is the latest outpouring of public support for Charlie Hebdo, with Arnold Schwarzenegger among them.

13,000 people have signed up for the satirical weekly following Wednesday’s terrorist attacks on its offices, French newspaper Le Figaro reported, more than doubling its numbers. It previously had just 10,000 subscribers. 

On Thursday Schwarzenegger wrote “I stand w/the ppl of France against terror & I want to send a msg so I’m subscribing. You should too” with a link to sign up and the popular hashtag #JeSuisCharlie. When queried as to alternatives to an expensive $186.00 subscription, Schwarzenegger posted a link to purchase one of next week’s historic 1 million print run.

Filmmakers from French writers, producers and directors guild L’ARP also encouraged people to subscribe, linking to the website of Viapresse for French and U.K. subscribers. In a statement posted on their website, the group said they have a “deep commitment to freedom of expression and creation.”

The statement is signed by the group's board of directors, including Oscar-winners Michel Hazanavicius, Claude Lelouch and Costa-Gavras.

Editors for the magazine have announced they will publish as scheduled next Wednesday, and are working from the offices of French daily paper Liberation. The publication and staff are being supported by various donations, including $1.18 million (€1 million) from the French government, $295,400 (€250,000) from a press fund supported by publishers, and an additional $295,400 (€250,000) from a digital innovation fun supported by Google. Britain’s The Guardian Media Group has also pledged $151,434 (£100,000).