Paris Attacks: German Police Arrested Man En Route to France

David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

German authorities say it is not yet clear if the man, caught with a car full of guns and explosives a week before the attacks, had any ties to the terrorists.

A man arrested by German police last week has become the focus of media attention and speculation that he may be an accomplice of the group that carried out the terror attacks in Paris on Friday night.

Police in Rosenheim in southern Germany arrested the 51-year-old man on Nov. 5. after stopping him at a routine checkpoint and searching his car, German media reported. Police discovered a cache of weapons, including eight Kalashnikov machine guns, several pistols, ammunition and several kilograms of explosive, according to the reports.

The navigation system in his car was programmed for Paris, leading to speculation that he intended to take part in Friday's attacks, which killed more than 120 people.

Bavarian police on Saturday confirmed the reports and said they contacted French authorities to inform them of the arrest. The Bavarian government said that they were "intensively investigating, together with the French authorities whether there is a connection with the events in Paris."  Eight terrorists died in the attacks Friday, seven by detonating explosives on suicide belts.