Paris Attacks: U.K. Comedian Temporarily Suspended From Facebook After Expletive-Laden Rant

Shootings Near the Bataclan In Paris - H 2015
David Wolff-Patrick/Getty Images

Jason Manford described the assailants as "f–––ing cowards" and a "s––– stain on all of humanity."

A British comedian and TV personality saw his Facebook account temporarily suspended following an expletive-laden outburst in response to the attacks in Paris.

Jason Manford, a regular on U.K. comedy panel shows, in a Friday night Facebook post launched a blistering verbal assault on the assailants in a series of attacks that left 129 dead in the French capital.

“F----ing cowards. Slaughtering innocent unarmed people for what?" he wrote. "Families and children enjoying life, theatre, meals? Not an army vs army you f----ing cowards."

Continued Manford: "For what? In whose name? Are you doing this in the name of your god? Cos I've got news for you, if you think your 'god' is gonna reward you for this type of atrocity then your god is a massive c---."

He concluded with: “I hope you are all caught and murdered in a similar agonising way you f---ing scumbags. You are an embarrassment to humanity and a s--- stain on all of humanity. You will never defeat us, we are too strong you utter bastards."

Manford's Facebook profile was swiftly taken down by the social media giant, reportedly for breaching its guidelines, but screen grabs of the comments began circulating widely soon thereafter. Several hours later, his profile reappeared, but with the post removed.

The comedian later defended his actions after he drew criticism in Twitter posts calling him Islamophobic.

"I'd say the same no matter what religion," said Manford. "My track record is proof enough I simply dislike extremists. As we all do."

Manford is no stranger to controversy. In 2010, he resigned from arguably his highest-profile job as co-host of BBC light news program The One Show after admitting to flirting with fans on Skype and Twitter. BBC bosses had previously warned him about his behavior.