Paris Cinema Fair attracts 70,000


PARIS -- Over 70,000 cinephiles and industry professionals came out for the second annual Paris Cinema Fair, a behind-the-scenes exploration of the big screen, which wrapped Sunday night in the French capital.

Last year's inaugural event drew 50,000 visitors and this year's turnout exceeded organizers' expectations.

Presided by Gallic director Jean-Jacques Annaud and inaugurated by France's cultural minister Christine Albanel, the Salon du Cinema invaded Paris' trade hall the Porte de Versailles for three days of cinema masterclasses, screenings, trailers, homages and "rendez-vous" between the public and their favorite directors and talent.

"After last year's success, our challenge was to do even better, to bring the public even closer to what goes on behind-the-scenes of cinema, offer them interesting encounters and allow them to experience great moments of sharing and having fun. The dream was there once again," the event's founders and organizers Moise Kissous, Gad Abitbol and Jonathan Bryant said in a statement.