Paris Couture Week: Iggy Azalea, Juliette Binoche Rock Power Pantsuits at Armani Prive

Giorgio Armani Prive Split - H 2016
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Giorgio Armani Prive Split - H 2016

"You can dress like a man, you can dress like a woman, you can dress like a tramp, you can dress like a punk. It’s fantastic," said Oscar nominee Charlotte Rampling while attending the Italian fashion house's show.

Armani’s pixie punk has grown up and become a more subtle stunner. The jet-black crop of last season has grown out into a pin curl bob, and he’s gone from power pink to light lavender with a delicate collection that will surely see its fair share of red carpets.

Nominee Charlotte Rampling will be on the Oscars runway next month, and while she was certainly eyeing up dresses, she said she still hasn’t decided what to wear.

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"I’ve got to dream up what sort of woman I want to be," she told Pret-a-Reporter during the Jan. 26 show. "You can do everything now. You can dress like a man, you can dress like a woman, you can dress like a tramp, you can dress like a punk. It’s fantastic."

She also stood strong in the face of last week’s controversy over her statement on diversity in the Oscar race, noting she didn’t think it would influence voters. "I think people understand that sometimes it’s a little bit of a blip and then it’s no big deal. If you’re in the public, it’s what you need to do," she said, declining to add to or further clarify her comments.

Juliette Binoche was also feeling Armani's androgynous vibe, assembling a cropped collarless jacket over a calf-length dress over slim trousers. "I wanted to be a little bit rock’n’roll," said the Oscar winner. "His whole regime is feminine and masculine mixed together. It’s very inventive and it’s amazing how modern he is."

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And while Rampling, Binoche and fellow front rowers Isabelle Huppert, Olga Kurylenko and Iggy Azalea were all in pantsuits, it’s Armani’s diaphanous dresses that made their mark on the crowd.

Two stunners solicited applause, the first a column dress with a bugle beaded lavender skirt topped with a black and lavender bodice (look 42) and the second, a beaded black-topped gown that bled into its lavender skirt (look 54), before the runway steamed up with smoke and his finale gown appeared in very untraditional billowing black.

Who needs a bride when you can have a femme fatale?

LOVELY IN LAVENDER: Models (in looks 42, left, 8 and 54) on the runway. (Photo: Getty Images)