Paris Fashion Week: Vivienne Westwood Talks Buying Less, Choosing Well

Andreas Kronthaler Vivienne Westwood PFW - Getty - H 2016
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Andreas Kronthaler Vivienne Westwood PFW - Getty - H 2016

"We'd all like to have less fashion shows," said the designer of fashion's fast production during the opening of her Paris showroom.

After showing her newly rebranded Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood show — an homage to the decade-plus design partnership she has had with her husband — the original punk designer debuted her new Paris showroom space with an intimate cocktail reception on Sunday evening.

And while that partnership has resulted in years of creativity that culminated in the punk monks that ruled the latest runway show, it also paid tribute to genderless dressing that is less #seenowbuynow than a KonMari dream.

"I try not to buy any more clothes, and just borrow them every now and again," Westwood told Pret-a-Reporter. "You have to keep wearing what you have. Buy less, choose well." 

What a difference a decade makes. Westwood has been searching for a Paris space for 10 years, before settling on the rue Saint Honore space, which will double as a flagship shop come April.

The new Paris showroom and store will be a nod to simplicity. "We’re trying to clarify and streamline so we’ve got less mess and more clarity and less product."

UNISEX UNIFORMS: Models on the Vivienne Westwood fall 2016 runway. (Photos: Getty Images)

The designer, who has handed over the day-to-day design reins, says she spends her very rare spare time working on writing a play and focusing her climate and social change initiative, Intellectuals Unite, in the U.K.

As for the runway-to-retail movement, Westwood expressed, "We’d all like to have less fashion shows." With designers dropping like flies, surely Paris' fashion world agrees.

The collection was unisex for a reason, she added. "It’s a way of buying less because you can borrow your boyfriend’s jeans and mess about in them," said Westwood.