Paris Hilton, Marc Jacob's Dog Share Honor of Covering Paper Mag

Courtesy of Paper Magazine
Neville Jacobs, Paris Hilton

The #Fandemonium issue also features covers starring a snarling Lucy Hale and blood-soaked Chloe Sevigny.

We can only imagine that when you're Paris Hilton, Juicy Couture-clad party girl of the early 2000s, there is no greater honor than sharing the spotlight with a true creature of talent — like Neville Jacobs, the Insta-famous bull terrier and heir apparent to Marc Jacobs' fashion empire. 

This is exactly what the 34-year-old did as one of the cover stars of Paper mag's winter 2015 issue. Hilton was in good company — not just with Jacobs (wearing Marc Jacobs, because duh), but also Chloe Sevigny and Lucy Hale, who rounded out the four different cover stars for the glossy's #Fandemonium issue.

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Released on the anniversary of that fateful day when Kim Kardashian's Paper cover (and bare behind) broke the Internet, the #Fandemonium issue is dedicated to "what would make fans go nuts." 

Apparently, all it takes to make the people "go nuts" is a high-fashion Paris Hilton, who was photographed in Hood by Air with an "avant-garde" slicked-back 'do, a Carrie-inspired blood-drenched Chloe Sevigny, a snarling Lucy Hale and one downtrodden dog dressed as a human. Good to know.


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