Paris Hilton seeking Brit Friend Forever

'My New BFF' heading to London for another run

Calling all young, beautiful Britons with a yearning for life in the fast lane -- Paris Hilton is heading to England to find a new best friend.

Since parting ways on screen with Nicole Richie, her former best friend and co-star of reality TV show "The Simple Life," the socialite heiress has filmed a new series in Los Angeles called "Paris Hilton's My New BFF" (best friend forever).

In the show, which goes to air Sept. 30, 20 wannabe members of Hilton's entourage battle it out in a house to win her friendship with contestants eliminated along the way.

But with the series over, Hilton, 27, said she had so much fun that she going to head to Britain to do it all over again.

"Imagine all the trouble and fun I could cause all at once just with a text on my BlackBerry, from me to them," she wrote on her MySpace page.

"And because I had so much fun doing this one, I decided I need to find my new British BFF. ... Everyone knows I love LA. But London, watch out."

She said her London best friend needed to be hot, able to keep up with her, and not a backstabber.

A statement from ITV2 said Hilton would put a group of potential friends from suburbia to the Shetlands through their paces to test their ambition and determination.

Anyone wanting to try to win Hilton's affection needs to be between 18 and 28, with the energy to keep up with her schedule and the looks and style to match her lifestyle.

Men can apply, too, but Hilton make no bones about where her romantic affections lie -- with boyfriend rocker Benji Madden, the twin brother of Richie's partner.

"I have a great boyfriend. ... My favorite part of the summer has been the time I've gotten to spend on tour with my love Benj," raved Hilton.