Paris Hilton Walks the Christian Cowan 'Powerpuff Girls' Fashion Show on International Women’s Day

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Paris Hilton with fashion designer Christian Cowan and his mother.

Cardi B’s stylist Kollin Carter, Heidi Klum, Tinashe and Skai Jackson were among the front-row guests at the Cartoon Network-themed show.

“A lot of my brand is being built with people in L.A.,” Christian Cowan told The Hollywood Reporter before showing his The Powerpuff Girls-themed collection (a partnership with Cartoon Network) at City Market Social House on Friday, March 8. “I moved to America [from London] and I knew no one. Then there were people like Lady Gaga and Paris Hilton and Cardi B who had really been championing me. A lot of that happened in L.A. There’s such a fun, upbeat vibe here.”

Guests donning looks by Cowan included Heidi Klum in an ostrich feather-bedecked hooded fuschia dress, and Skai Jackson, who showed up in a neon green feathered frock. “Definitely what I’m wearing is a little bit out there, but I love it,” Jackson told THR, calling Cowan “fearless” and noting that she most admired the character Buttercup “because I feel like she’s so powerful and strong and the leader; she doesn’t care. And she’s kind of a tomboy so I love her.“


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Hilton slipped past reporters with her Chihuahua in hand in a rush to make it backstage, saying, “It’s all about women’s empowerment; when I was little, it was all about girl power and The Powerpuff Girls represent that. Christian has made an incredible show.”

“There are some literal translations, and some of the looks are the characters, but in a fashion-forward form, and then some of it is really about the vibe,” said Cowan of his collection that benefits the non-profit She's The First to fight gender inequality. “The characters are really strong and independent and they aren’t stereotypical, so it’s about showing women in all of their different facets. And to do it on International Women’s Day is perfect. You’ll see a latex catsuit that has a tough vibe. To me, femininity isn’t just about being cute. Most cartoons when I was younger were, apart from The Powerpuff Girls, so I like to give it a tougher edge because the women in my life are tough!”


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The show opened with three models wearing black helmets and glittering suits in powder blue, bubblegum pink and a lively green to represent the characters Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup, respectively. There was a parade of color in the form of voluminous feathered dresses; a whimsical, oversized, transparent plastic sun hat with a matching coat; intricately pleated tulle dresses; flowing trains and more.

“I loved the show, I love Christian!” Klum told THR. “I’ve known him for quite some time and I’ve worked with him in the past. He’s just extraordinary. It’s always fun, it’s always unexpected. He has his own thing that he does and he always has. Everything is unusual and interesting. Nothing is boring.”

Cardi B’s stylist Kollin Carter said: “I was super inspired. I felt like the show was freaking amazing. It was fun, it was colorful and it was strong.”

Cowan revealed that Him was always his favorite character on The Powerpuff Girls. “He wore heels and a skirt and was a guy, but they never questioned it ever and I thought that was such a cool message to gift.”