Berlin 2012: 'Paris Je t'aime' Producer Settles With 'Love Berlin' Makers (Exclusive)

Emmanuel Benbihy will now co-produce the omnibus production “Berlin, I Love You.”

BERLIN – After some two years of legal wrangling, the French producer of the award-winning Paris, Je t'aime has reached an agreement with the producers of a similar, Berlin-set omnibus project.

Emmanuel Benbihy, who produced Paris Je t’aime and claims copyright for his “Cities of Love” franchise, has settled with the producers of Love Berlin – How We Met – a planned romantic drama which, like Paris Je t’aime, would be composed of separate love stories set in a single city, each shot by a different director.

Initially the producers of the Berlin film argued their project, which had directors Oren Moverman, Neil LaBute and Shekhar Kapur attached to helm story segments, had no connection to Benbihy’s Cities of Love franchise. But Benbihy, who has produced a version of his franchise set in New York and has plans for ones in Jerusalem, Rio and Shanghai, successfully argued that the Berlin film would violate his copyright.

Under the settlement, the German film will be retitled Berlin, I Love You and the German producers - Claus Clausen and Steffan Anmuller from The Very Useful Company and Josef Steinberger from Rheingold Films, together with Katharina Kowalewsi and Edda Reiser, will license the right to use the Cities of Love official concept from Benbihy. Benbihy will also come on board as an executive producer.

Berlin, I Love You will be set up on the Paris, Je t'aime model, composed of ten Berlin-based love stories, of 5-7 minutes each, each shot by a different director.

Moverman is believed to still be attached to the project. Further directors are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.