Park's next in the oven for BBC


Oscar-winning animator Nick Park said Wednesday that he is turning back to the small screen for the next comic adventure starring Wallace and Gromit.

The animator is making the next project featuring his multi-Oscar-winning claymation stars for the BBC's flagship channel, BBC1, as a television half-hour.

Titled "Trouble at Mill," the adventure joins previous made-for-TV half-hours "The Wrong Trousers" and "A Close Shave."

The script, co-written by Park and "Wrong Trousers" collaborator Bob Baker, is in preproduction, with shooting scheduled to begin in January.

The story revolves around the duo's startup baking business in their town and how they discover that the place is involved in a murder mystery that has seen 12 bakers disappear. It soon becomes a "matter of loaf and death," Park said.

Park said he hopes to be finished by fall 2008 and is looking forward to a faster turnaround than making full-length feature claymation movies.

"I love making films for the cinema, but the production of 'Chicken Run' and 'Curse of the Were-Rabbit' were virtually back-to-back, and each film took five years to complete," Park said.

He added that "Trouble" will "be so much quicker to make, and I can't wait to get back into production."

The filmmaker has added a video blog on to enable fans to follow the progress of the production, which will shoot at Aardman Studios in Bristol, Park's home turf.