'Parks and Rec' Writer's Twitter Rampage Leads to Defamer Editor Admission

Beejoli Shah, who'd written a few posts under an anonymous byline for Gawker Media's relaunched Hollywood gossip site, became the subject of a series of profanity filled attacks from #Humblebrag creator Harris Wittels.

Formerly anonymous Defamer writer Beejoli Shah has come forth as the new voice of the Gawker-owned Hollywood gossip effort after becoming the target of a flurry of profanity-laced tweets from Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels.

Wittels, who first gained notoriety as the creator of the "Humblebrag" Internet meme, found himself featured in a Defamer story titled "Why Office Creator Greg Daniels Walked Away from Universal TV." The piece, published last Friday under an anonymous byline and later revealed to have been written by Shah, was partly aimed at Wittels.

From the piece: "A source in development at ABC told us that the network chose not to shoot a pilot for one project, starring Brian Baumgartner, who played pudgy accountant Kevin on The Office, and written by Parks and Recreation writer Harris Wittels, because none of Wittels' script drafts improved throughout the development process." 

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On Tuesday, former Gawker Editor-in-Chief A.J. Daulerio posted a piece chronicling Wittels' reaction to the story on Twitter, during which Wittels frequently referred to Shah as a "c---" and "sociopathic" (the tweets were deleted, but Daulerio posted screenshots).

After Daulerio intervene via e-mail, Wittels continued his tirade:

"You are all trash. Your parents are ashamed of your careers and the cocaine-huffing gossip monsters you've become," he allegedly wrote. "You pick petty fights for a living. And you feed on people who actually contribute things to society. Please get hit by a bus. And buy the Humblebrag book on Amazon. C--- c--- can't who gives a shit about any of this c--- c---, Harris."

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Daulerio concludes his post by naming Shah the "new writer" behind Defamer "because, if anything, she's proven that she's able to endure the sociopathic rantings summoned by both her former and (now) current employers."

Shah is perhaps best-known as the woman behind the "Quentin Tarantino Sucked My Toes" story that went viral in 2011. Coincidentally, Shah notes in her first bylined post for Defamer, it was Daulerio's interest in her story that got her fired from her job at L.A.-based brand builder GENERATE that year. Read her first official post for Defamer here.

Earlier this month, Daulerio was named editorial director for SpinMedia.

Reps for Parks and Recreation and Wittels did not immediately return The Hollywood Reporter's request for comment.