Partner Apatow enlivens FunnyOrDie


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Fresh off his hit summer films "Superbad" and "Knocked Up," Apatow will join Will Ferrell and Adam McKay as a contributor and investor to the Web site. The trio is at work on Sony's "Step Brothers."

FunnyOrDie has worked with Apatow onscreen; he played himself in clips purporting to feature behind-the-scenes conflicts on the set of "Knocked Up," in which Apatow berates a series of uncooperative actors.

The injection of new comedic energy makes good on FunnyOrDie's stated intention to expand the site's creative contributors. Since exploding onto the scene in April with the viral video "The Landlord," FunnyOrDie has seen its traffic steadily taper off in the ensuing months (HR 10/12). In September, the site attracted 1.4 million unique visitors, according to ComScore Media Metrix, up from nearly 900,000 the previous month.

In a video posted Tuesday to FunnyOrDie to introduce the partnership (posted below), the trio joke about introducing porn to the site. Apatow defends his creative direction, saying: "I'm just doing well right now, you know? It's just weird to spend time on things where you don't make money."