Parton puts stamp on Dolly Records label


NASHVILLE -- Country legend Dolly Parton will debut her new label, Dolly Records, with the release of a new country album in February.

"It's really the first mainstream country record Dolly has done in 17 years," said Parton's manager, Danny Nozell, who also serves as GM of Dolly Records. The country star will be the sole focus of the label, no other artists will be signed to the roster.

After testing the major label waters for possible distribution deals, Nozell says he decided on the indie path. "(I) didn't see anything I was interested in," he said. "We have the finances the major labels have, and I put together a marketing plan that was way more extensive than any major has brought to me," Nozell said.

Distribution is still being finalized; an iTunes deal is in progress for digital and physical is still in the works.

Nozell has hired a publicist and is building a Web presence for Parton. Additionally, four radio promotion people have taken the single on the road, spinning the track for program directors. "The feedback coming back in is amazing," Nozell said.

That single, "Better Get to Livin'," is scheduled to impact radio on Sept. 24. A performance soon after is locked down on a "national TV show in front of 20 million viewers," Nozell said.

Touring will begin in the first quarter of next year. "We're going to definitely do a world tour to support the album, starting in March of next year," Nozell said. "We're going to be doing Europe, Australia, America and Canada.

Dolly Parton is now booked worldwide by Neil Warnock, CEO of the Agency Group. Warnock and TAG booked Parton's first major European tour in 30 years last year, which sold out more than 20 shows.