Parts of opening ceremony prerecorded

Olympics organizers come clean about fireworks

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BEIJING -- Parts of the acclaimed Beijing Games opening ceremony on Friday were prerecorded, including some of its spectacular fireworks, Olympics organizers said Tuesday.

The ceremony won rave reviews around the world for its use of fireworks and a series of perfectly choreographed sequences, watched by an estimated 1 billion people.

Some of the fireworks though did not actually go off that night.

"Some footage had been produced before the opening ceremony to provide theatrical effect," Beijing Games executive vp Wang Wei told reporters.

Among the sections that were preproduced were parts of a stunning fireworks display across the city, a series of fireworks "footprints" that led to the Bird's Nest stadium where the four-hour extravaganza was staged.

A night-time aerial shot traced the consecutive explosions on the ground as they approached the stadium.

"There were footprints of fireworks," Wang said.

"Some of them were genuinely produced. Some maybe were used from previously recorded material."