Party Like It's 2014: Kate Mara, Rashida Jones and Lizzy Caplan Share Their New Year's Eve Plans

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From left: Zoe Saldana, Rashida Jones and Kate Mara

At PR maven Ashlee Margolis' annual holiday soiree, a bevy of boldfacers told us how they're ringing in next year.

It's that time of year again, when conversations with friends and acquaintances tend to end with the anxiety-producing query: "'What are you doing for New Year's Eve?'"

Sure, the last night of the year can feel like amateur hour, but it's still nice to go out with a bang (even if that bang consists of watching Netflix in bed). So at PR maven (and girl-about-town)  Ashlee Margolis' annual shopping soiree earlier this week, we cornered the likes of Lizzy Caplan and Rashida Jones (while they perused goods by Mara Hoffman, Everlane and Parker and got manicures from Olive & June) to find out their NYE plans. Or, in some cases, the lack thereof. 

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RASHIDA JONES: I tend to not really regard New Year's as a holiday. It’s just a calendar date.

MENA SUVARI: I think we’ll maybe do a day road trip somewhere, but [boyfriend Salvador Sanchez and I] both just want to hang in town. We don’t drink. We’re boring. We drink water and juice. No raging plans.

LIZZY CAPLAN: I will be in Australia. I start in Sydney, then we’re going to some little beach town and it will be a very Australian, family-heavy beach town New Year’s Eve.

AHNA O'REILLY: I'm doing a sisters trip with my two little sisters. We, for the past three years, have done a little Nor Cal trip. We do a long dinner and then try to stay awake 'til midnight.

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ZOE SALDANA: [My plan is] to stay completely still. Usually I move, or I’m always doing something, or working , or traveling with my family. I’ve been gone all year, so this Christmas I want to stay very, very still. Everybody’s flying in, so I just want to relax. Hopefully [I’ll spend New Year's] at home, but watch something amazing happen, and we’re on a plane — but so far, it’s at home.

SARAH CHALKE: I’ll be in Canada, in Whistler. I’ve done it a couple of times. One time we were skiing there 15 years ago, and we got snowed in and we couldn’t drive down, so there were 15 of us, snowed in, in Whistler, and we had no tickets or plans to go anywhere, and everything was sold out. Our favorite little bar at the bottom of Blackcomb is called Merlin’s. They said if you come in for apres-ski and you don’t leave, you can stay for the rest of the night. So we were there in our snowboarding boots and long johns. Don’t know where we’ll be this year, but that’s a backup plan.

KATE MARA: I’m going to be in Palm Beach with my whole family. Last year we were there as well, and I fell asleep before midnight.

PARTY PEOPLE: Lizzy Caplan, left, and Sarah Chalke carry Everlane's Portfolio Bag (left, $425) and Market Bag (right, $365) at Ashlee Margolis' annual holiday party on Dec. 10.



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