Party Time!

2012-17 STY Escapes Hotel du Cap H

Last year, the official amfAR’s Cinema Against AIDS Gala party took place at the Hotel du Cap. The unofficial afterparty took place at Albane’s.

Primarily pop-ups for the festival and heavily sponsored, these invitation-only hotspots (unless you're a VIP) generally require business attire or black tie -- whatever was worn to the night's premiere or last meeting.

Le Club by Albane
50 Boulevard de la Croisette

France's queen of nightlife Albane Cleret, with her team of flawless French femmes, launched this rooftop club overlooking the Croisette in 2002. Since then, it's had several different names (Jane's, Jimmy'z, Heaven's Floor), but Le Club is still the last spot of the night. Known simply as "Chez Albane," the club's newly redone dance floor and vast terrace are packed with film execs and talent who smoke and watch the beautiful people: Marion Cotillard; every French agent, distributor or TV personality, and "last year, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, Geoffrey Rush and Antonio Banderas, plus Harvey Weinstein, stopped by," says Cleret.

"Albane has created an essential spot that mixes stars, producers and partners in an ambiance that is very French but is relaxed -- which is rare in the French film world," says Recifilm's Eric Juherian, who is producing Jean Dujardin's next movie, which starts shooting during Cannes. Adds Cannes mayor Bernard Brochand, "I like to stop at Albane's club on my way home." Entry is via photo ID membership cards, which Cleret says can be acquired by "loyalty, politeness, elegance and a smile. And of course being part of the seventh art world" -- French for the film biz -- "or fashion, or those who do business with cinema like car brands like Mercedes-AMG," Le Club sponsors who provide rides home for VIPs.

Terrace of the Five Hotel, 1 rue Notre Dame

Located across the street from Le Palais and opening at 8 p.m., Silencio will surely become the post-premiere spot. The dark, cavelike Paris version was designed by David Lynch; at Cannes, Silencio will inhabit the bright terrace of the new swank Five Hotel. "We'll definitely see our friends at Silencio since it's right upstairs from our offices in the Five," says Nathanael Karmitz, CEO of MK2, an art-film distributor, production company and movie-theater chain. "We won't stay open till 6 a.m.," says Arnaud Frisch, Silencio's founder and owner, adding: "It's more a cocktail bar for a creative community." Expect to see low-key afterparties for Cannes films, which may bring Walter Salles, Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst and Melvil Poupaud to fete at the Five.

Magic Garden/Baron
Les Marches, Palais Des Festivals, 1 Jetee Albert Edouard

When journalists head to those 8 a.m. screenings, they'll likely run into the Cannes late-night crowd leaving the Magic Garden, just next to the Palais. This year, the club teams up with Le Baron club founders, ambassadors of cool Lionel Bensemoun and Andre Saraiva. The hotspot caters to Bensemoun's and Saraiva's friends: trendy hipsters from Paris and fashion folks, with a few overimbibing execs thrown in, guarded by Paris' most famous bouncer, Bak. Says French author and director Thomas Lelu: "Le Baron is the best place to have fun. The stars don't feel uncomfortable; you can dance, sing, dress up -- there's something completely cool and relaxed about it." Expect big names for intimate concerts organized at the last minute (and not starting until 3 a.m., also the best time to pop in). Note to the lucky few who are able to get in: The dress code is more edgy American Apparel than black-tie Armani; music is by DJ troupe Tete d'Affiche.


For coziness on a Croisette beach, Chivas House is designed like a bohemian-chic apartment. Open at 9 p.m., the club will treat guests at 12:30 to gourmet repasts like sauteed scallops and risotto. … New this year will be Le Hublot Carlton Lounge Bar (58 boulevard de la Croisette), open from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. … In Cannes for a third time, Le Chateau du Cercle, a salon inside a hilltop castle (Le Chateau du Suquet, 35 rue Louis Perissol) boasts panoramic views of Cannes by night. … The Terrazza Martini (Plage du Gray d'Albion, La Croisette) sets up shop again on the Hotel Gray D'Albion's beach for sunset cocktails, then transforms into a tented club for "Rendez-vous de …" -- nights where celebs will be given the keys to the terrace to party with their 100 closest friends.