Pat Boone Escalates His War on 'Saturday Night Live'

Pat Boone - premiere of  God's Not Dead 2-Getty-H 2016
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

“I’d like to ask Lorne Michaels: If somebody did a funny sketch and portrayed his mother as a diseased whore, would he find that funny?" asks the legendary entertainer.

It’s been a rough few days for Pat Boone since attacking Saturday Night Live over a skit that parodied his latest film, God’s Not Dead 2, an act that encouraged the wrath of liberal journalists and bloggers eager to belittle the 81-year-old entertainer.

On Thursday during an appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio show, though, the singer-actor double-downed on his assertion that SNL is hostile to Christians, and he called out the show’s creator and executive producer for alleged hypocrisy.

“I’d like to ask Lorne Michaels: If somebody did a funny sketch and portrayed his mother as a diseased whore, would he find that funny, or would there be some limit to what he and the show can ridicule?” Boone wondered.

Michaels had no comment, but Boone on Thursday got some solidarity from former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, who also is in God's Not Dead 2.

“I’m not surprised about the backlash against Pat. Any time you defend anything from a Christian perspective, there’s extraordinary pushback. I’ve experienced it, and now Pat has, too,” Huckabee told The Hollywood Reporter.

The skit in question is a trailer for a movie SNL calls “God is a Boob Man.” In the real film God's Not Dead 2, Melissa Joan Hart is a public school teacher whose job is threatened after quoting scripture in the classroom. In the fake movie, a woman is forced by a court to declare that “God is gay.”

Boone, a former teen idol known nowadays as much for his outspoken Christianity as he is for his musical career, has been pilloried on gay websites and in left-leaning media since Monday, when he told THR that the skit was “diabolical” and that SNL has become too "filthy" to watch. Right Wing Watch, a website run by Norman Lear's People for the American Way, twice criticized Boone for his remarks, for example.

Boone also called SNL cowardly for constantly attacking Christians and never Muslims.

“There’s nothing sacred at SNL — except maybe the words ‘Mohammad’ or ‘Allah.’ They’d never take those names in vain,” Boone said Monday.

On Thursday, Huckabee also accused SNL of anti-Christian bias and also of pushing a progressive political agenda.

“I’ve been on SNL. I get it. It’s parody. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not,” he said. “But in essence, what SNL says is that you’re free to express an opinion if you’re in agreement with the left, and with those who run the networks and film studios, but if you disagree with them it’s hate speech that should be shut down.

“I’m not calling for a boycott of SNL,” Huckabee continued, “I’m calling for a ‘buycott’ of the movie. Buy a ticket, see it for yourself, then see if the SNL parody is fair or mean-spirited.”

God's Not Dead 2, produced and distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment, has earned $17.7 million domestically on a budget of less than $5 million, while its predecessor earned $60.8 million on a $1.2 million budget.

"I think SNL is funny," said David White, who stars in both films and co-founded Pure Flix. "Where it crosses the line is when it drags God into it. I can't argue with the fact that Christians are being discriminated against here, because there's not a lot of mockery of other religions at SNL."