Pat Buchanan: MSNBC Caved in to the Demands of 'Blacklisters' and 'Censors' (Audio)

Pat Buchanan in 2007

Radio host Larry Elder challenges the fired political analyst to defend a chapter in his book dubbed, "The End of White America."

Fired MSNBC correspondent Pat Buchanan hit the Los Angeles radio airwaves Friday and charged the cable news network with caving in to pressure from blacklisters and censors.

Host Larry Elder on KABC started his interview with Buchanan with the question: “Pat, how can anybody get fired at MSNBC? They’ve got Al Sharpton, who is a devout anti-Semite."

After Elder gave examples of his assertion, Buchanan insinuated that MSNBC will tolerate anti-Semites as long as they lean left politically.

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Buchanan said bloggers at the Daily Kos along with activist groups like Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League were “bombarding the network” with demands he be fired.

Those entities and others like them, Buchanan said, have “pretty much degenerated into blacklist organizations.”

MSNBC was also “shaken up by the book” Suicide of a Superpower, Buchanan’s latest bestseller.

Buchanan told Elder he even offered to “tell the blacklisters” that he was willing to “work together and redact some of the material” for the paperback version of the book.

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Not good enough, apparently, as MSNBC said Feb. 16 it was ending its 10-year relationship with Buchanan.

“That’s the point. These folks are censors,” Buchanan said.

Elder challenged Buchanan on the book’s most controversial chapter: The end of white America,” arguing that the author’s emphasis on color over values is problematic, and not just for MSNBC.

“Why would you keep saying white America? White America includes a bunch of lefties,” Elder said as the conversation heated up.

Audio is above.

“Pat, it’s how you say things. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say them,” Elder said.

“Larry, you’re getting a little too excited,” Buchanan said.

“The white vote in California goes Democratic. They’re liberals out here.  And they’re white. They don’t share your values, and they don’t share my values,” Elder said.

“Stupid policies can come from anybody, including white people. Thus the quarrel with your term ‘white America,’ Pat,” Elder said. “And the guy who fired you is white, Phil Griffin. Where was his loyalty to Western civilization and Western values? He canned you!”

 “Well, he canned me for writing the book that you’re complaining about,” Buchanan said.

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