'Paternity Court' Tweaks Name for Second Season

Courtesy of Beyond PR
Lauren Lake

The show that mixes court drama with elements of a tabloid talk show will take on lawyer Lauren Lake's name.

A syndicated show that takes a different approach to the court genre will return in September for its second season with a new name: Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court.

Lauren Lake is a lawyer and relationship expert who mixes elements of a talk show, a court show and a tabloid talker in the style of Maury as she counsels families and provides DNA test results.

For the new season, executive producer David Armour has promised even more focus on the backstories of the families and the emotional impact of the stories. The show also will revisit families from last season to see how they are doing.

The show is in about 92 percent of U.S. TV homes, but often on smaller or indie stations. Thanks to its success on those stations, MGM reports that it is getting both station and time period upgrades this fall.

CBS’s second outlet in the New York City market, Channel 55, is moving the show up from 3 p.m. to 1 p.m. after it was their top rated daytime show in the May sweeps, according to MGM.

For the 2013-2014 season, Paternity Court had a 1.0 household rating and a 0.6 rating in the key demo of women 25-54 years of age. That meant it had an average daily audience of about 1.4 million viewers.

Paternity Court still has a ways to go. Veteran show Divorce Court and Judge Mathis both averaged a 1.5 household rating last season.

The queen of the court genre is Judge Judy, who had a 7.2 household rating and 3.3 rating in the demo.

Paternity Court also has moved production for its second season from Los Angeles to Atlanta.

Armour, who created the show, shares executive producer duties with Ed Connolly Jr.

Paternity Court is the first first-run show distributed by MGM in recent years, and is produced under the banner of Orion TV Productions.